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Chairman, University Grants Commission
Professor Mohan De Silva

Director, National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
Professor P.S.M. Gunaratne

Conference Co - Chairs
Professor J.A.S.K. Jayakody, Dr. M.P.P. Dharmadasa

Conference Co - Secretaries
Milton Malawiarachchi, Gayani Wikramarachchi

Keynote Speaker
Professor Sasanka Perera

  Conference Committee

  Panel of Reviewers

  Accounting & Finance

Dictating Factor: Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting Reforms in Sri Lanka
Nagendrakumar, Nagalingam

Management Controls in an Apparel Group: Logics, Complexities and Strategic Responses: A Case Study
Damayanthi, D. G. S., Gooneratne, T. N.

Management Accounting Practices of Listed Companies in Sri Lanka
Indrani, M. W., Wickremasinghe, Guneratne, Moonsamy, Naidoo

Ownership Structure and Firm Performance: Evidence from Listed Beverage Food and Tobacco Companies
Mayuri, T., Annelijuli, N. M.

  Demography & Health Education

GIS Integrated Growth Type Index (GTI) for Analysis of Spatiotemporal Urban Growth in the Colombo District Sri Lanka
Weerakoon, K.G.P.K.

Elderly Population of Sri Lanka in Gender Perspective
Welgama, W.M.J.

Madrid Plan and Social Policy for Older Persons in Sri Lanka: In Search for a Sustainable - Localized Solution
Udayanga, K.A.S.

Evaluation of Health Policy: How Well Have the Policies on Prevention and Control of Ischemic Heart Disease Been Evaluated in Sri Lanka?
Thubellage, D.S., Dharmasiri, A.S., Senarath, J. U.

Impact of Physical Inactivity on Non - Communicable Diseases: A Risk Factor Influencing the Health of Men in Colombo District
Jayarathne, A.P.H.S.

The Diversity of Knowledge Regarding Sexually Transmitted Infections by Study Area: A Case Study Based on University Students
Karunarathne, H. V. V. M. P

Factors Contributing for People to be smuggled to Italy from Sri Lanka: A Case Study of the Mahawawa Divisional Secretariat Puttlam District
Senadhi, V.P.N.


Economic Valuation of Bio Ecosystem Services from Organic Farming in Valikamam Jaffna Sri Lanka.
Sivashankar. S, Sireeranhan. A, Sooriyakumar. K

Are Ill Always Poorer? Evidence from HIES 2012/13
Jeyapraba, Suresh

Asia and Global Capitalist Development: the Role of Indian Business Communities with Special Reference to Sri Lanka
Gunarathne, M Sriyani

Trade Performance and Economic Growth: Evidence from Sri Lanka
Haleem, H.M.M.

A Causality Analysis of Governance Indicators and Foreign Direct Investment Inflow in Sri Lanka
Nadeesha, D. H .D.

Does Military Expenditure Matter for Economic Growth: Post War Evidence from Sri Lanka
Wijethunga, A.W.G.C.N., Dayaratne, D.A.I.

Impact of Selected Macro-Economic Variables on Foreign Direct 93 - 96Investments (FDI) in Sri Lanka
Hapuhinna, H.K.D.W.M.N.A.H., Dayarathna, D.A.I.

Appropriateness of Export Led Growth Economic Hypothesis in to 97 - 99Sri Lanka Economy
Dilhani, E.V.D.

  Entrepreneurship & Small Business

Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions of Undergraduates: An Empirical Study
Dankanda, B.J.A., Madurapperuma, W.

Effect of Social Capital on Mitigating Transaction Uncertainty of Small Enterprises in Sri Lanka
Priyanath, H.M.S., Premaratne, S.P.

Role of Technoware and Transforming Capability Adoption on Transforming the Rice Manufacturing Business in Sri Lanka
Athambawa. S., Wickramarachchi. A.P.R., Puspakumara, C.

Factors Determining Success of Women Entrepreneurs: Special Reference to Kilinochchi District
Angel Shahana, R., Dinojah, S.

Exploring the Models for linking Micro Marketers and the Management Faculty: An Institutional Case study
Shivany, S.

  Environment & Natural Resources

Increasing Human Population and its Impacts on Fish Resources 135 - 141Degradation in the Southern Coastal Area in Sri Lanka
Dayalatha, W. K. V.

Socio Economic Determinants of Solid Waste Generation at Household 143 - 146Level within the Urban Council (Uc) Limits of Vavuniya
Wijesinghe W.A.N.J., Nanthakumaran, A., Kayanan, S.

  Human Resource Management

Influence of Health and Safety Practices on Employees Job Satisfaction in Paint Manufacturing Industry
Gihani, K.L.E., Wedage, D.M.E.

The Impact of Employer Branding on Talent Retention in the Private Banks in Puttalum District
Praveeni, S.M.N.

Employee Engagement through High Commitment HRM Practices: A Social Exchange Perspective
De Silva, W. M. D., Kailasapathy, P.

The Impact of HRM on the Project Success of Project - Based Government and Non - Government Organizations
Thirugnanasampanthar, S., Dinojah, S.

The Impact of Green Environment on Employee stress in 169 - 172Brandix Casual Wear Private Ltd. Seeduwa
Lakmali, U.J.G.D.M.

Training and Development and Its Impact on Work Stress(Sri Lankan Licensed Commercial Banks)
Edirisinghe, C.L.

A Need Analysis for Training Programmes to the Administrative Staff in the University System of Sri Lanka
Gayani Wickramarachchi

  Law, Political Science & International Relations

Prevention of Domestic Violence Act and why it doesn’t Work
Warnakulasuriya, S. S.

The Need of Judicial Reviews on Military Justice System in Sri Lanka: A Comparative Study with United Kingdom and United States
Jayarathna, D.M.N.M., Herath H.M.U.S.

Contemporary Application of the Sociological Jurisprudence: A Critical Analysis of Auguste Comte’s Scientific Method in Legalizing the Same Sex Marriges in Sri Lanka
Pathiraja, P. M. A. S.

Horcruxes and Rings: A Foucauldian study of Power in association to the soul as presented in the Fantasy genre
Wijeratne, S.V.

Breakdown of the Harmonious Relations that Existed Between Sinhala and Tamil Political Leaderships and the Development of Insecurity Feelings of among the Latter During the 1919-1948 Period: A Historical Analysis
Gamage, Lakmini

Sri Lanka’s Ties with India and China: Appraising the Need for a ‘Balanced’ Foreign Policy
De Silva, S.

Potential for Sri Lanka’s Science Diplomacy: Scientific Collaborations 2010 – 2015
Kandanamulla. K. A .T. K. G., Dissanayake.V. H. W., Cooke.G.

  Library & Information Sciences

Self Archiving Practices of University Academics: Special Emphasis on the Social Science and Humanity Scholars in the Faculty of Arts, University of Peradeniya
Gunasekera, Chamani

Information Needs and Seeking Behavior of Medical Officers Attached to Rural Hospitals (D H Type - C) in Sri Lanka
Dilhani M.P.P., Senevirathe, W., Abeysena, C.

  Linguistics & Language Studies

A Contrastive Analysis of Sinhala and Hindi Conjunct Verbs
Rathnayake, Sangeeth

Finiteness and the Sinhala Facts
Ananda, M.G.L.

Identifying English Language Needs of Undergraduates for Learner Friendly Courses through a Needs Analysis
Wickremasekera, W.N.M.

Proverbs in Translation: A Study Based on Some Identified Proverbs
Srikandavel, Gayathree

  Literature & Performing Arts

Representation of University of Sri Jayewardenepura in Popular Fiction by Sri Lankan Writers
Weerakoon, H. R. D. F. G. A.

Telling Impossible Tales in Times of Trouble: Allegorical Novels Batuwangala Rahula Thero’s ‘Rankaranduwa’
Ratnayake, M.M.K.D.

Patriarchy in Disguise: The Portrayal of Liberated Woman in Selected Hollywood Films of 2015
Warnakulasuriya S. S.

  Management & Strategy

Sesnemaking and Sensegiving: An Alternative Perspective for Understanding IS Success
Dayanatha, I.M.A.

Civil Society’s Engagement with Business in Search of Common Good: An Experience in Global South
Silva, Kapila Ariyadarshana

Authentic Leadership Makes Subordinates Happy: Sri Lankan Context
Dias, Surani Sharmalee, Jayakody J. A .S. K., Galahitiyawe, Nilakshi W. K.

The Glass Ceiling in Corporate Management Position of Banking Industry Sri Lanka
Kirushanthy, K.

Autonomy of Schools: School Based Management Initiatives in Sri Lanka
Kasturiarachchi, Chandana

  Marketing Management

Service Quality and Its Impact on the Level of Tourist Satisfaction in Marine Based Recreation
Weerakoon, Ranjan, Wehigaldeniya, W.G.D.S, Edirisinghe I.T

Tensions between Consumerist and Traditional Values: Intergenerational Dynamics
Chandrasekara, M.R.

How Organic Consumption is used as a Consumption Pattern Expressing Status
Pandikorala Y. S.

Serving Poor beyond Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Win - Win Business Model in Bottom of Pyramid (BOP)Market in Sri Lanka
Jayawickramarathna W., Mulye R., Rahman K., Fry T.

  Psychology Counselling & Buddhist Philosophy

Applicability of Psychological Theories in Social Work Practice
Abeywickrama, L.R.

Beyond Stigma: Perceived Barriers and Enablers for Help Seeking for Mental Health Issues in Undergraduate Students in Sri Lanka
Chandrasekara, W.S

Position of Women in TheravᾹda Buddhism: on the Perspective of the Women’s Rights
Edirisinghe A. N.

A Critical Study on the Buddhist and Kantian Approaches towards Epistemology with Special Reference to‘Madhupinḍika Sutta and Critique of Pure Reason’
Sugunasiri Thero, G.

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