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Chairman, University Grants Commission
Prof. Mohan de Silva

Keynote Speaker, Nepalese Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives
Prof. Bishwambher Pyakuryal

Director, National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri

S ymposium Co-chair
Prof. W. Indralal De Silva

  Panel of Reviewers

  Organizing Committee


  01. Environment and Eco-tourism

Community Development through Eco-tourism: With Reference to Nicobar Islands of India
Sofique M A

Role of Sustainable Tourism in Eastern Regions of India - Prospects and Challenges
Rani R

Pesticide Use and Health Behaviour of Farmers’ in Rajanganaya
Kumarasinghe M A N, Nanthakumaran A, Kayanan S

Managing the Blue Economy: A case study of Sea cucumber Fishery in Sri Lanka,
Prasada D V P, Dissnayake D C T, Nishanthan G

Application of Geographical Information System to Assess Landslide Vulnerability and Risk: Based on Kiriketioya and Belihuloya Watershed
Dananjaya P K V S, Edirisooriya K V D

Impact of Coastal Erosion as a Disaster in Sri Lanka
Amarasinghe A G

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitudes of Adolescents in Advanced Level Classes towards Their Future Career: A Case Study at Piliyandala Area, Colombo,
Lochana K D D, Waidyasekara H

Administration of the Natural Disaster Management Process in Sri Lanka: An Experimental Study on Kotikawatte in the District of Colombo,
Somarathna D H A S

Causal Factors for Ecological changes in Maduganga River Basin
Wijesekara P D, Dissanayaka M L S

Application of Dasymetric Mapping Approaches to Circumvent the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem (MAUP) in the Geospatial Analysis
Karunarathne Y A, Manawadu L

Sri Lanka - China Tourism Relations: An Analysis of Recent Trends in Chinese Tourist Arrivals to Sri Lanka
Deyshappriya N P R, Damanupola A A K A

  2. Health and Wellbeing

A Cross-sectional Study on Grand-Parenting Activities among Grandparents Who Have Chronic Medical Health Issues Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Sri Lanka
Amarabandu H G I, Kariyawasam S P, Kathriarachchi S T, Gunawardana U L A

Maternal Knowledge and Practices Related to Usage of Oral Suspensions for Common Childhood Illnesses in a Semi Urban Area, Colombo District, Sri Lanka,
Madumadavi M M P, Madushanka B D, Gamage M

Awareness and Utilization of Digital Devices among Urban and Rural Undergraduates for Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge,
Subasinghe Y, Senadhi N, Karunarathne M

Wellbeing of Waste Pickers: A Case Study in Dumping Ground of Guwahati City, India
Gogoi G

A Study on Maternal Knowledge of Neonatal Danger Signs among Mothers Attending Child Welfare Clinics (CWC) in Piliyandala Medical Officer of Health (MOH) Area, Sri Lanka
Chamara K P S, Rupasinghe M D, Senanayake M L K D, Dharmakeerthi B G P V, Silva K W S P K, Shashikala H L G A, Sugathapala R D U P, Ishani Rorigo

Nutritional Status among Indigenous Females of Henanigala, Sri Lanka: An Anthropological Insight
Ananda T, Nahallage C

Development of a Fairness Topical Formulation from Extract of Stem Bark from Mangifera Species
Siriwardena M A, Dabare P R L, Ashinshanie N U G, Kumari H W R S

Children as Change Agents in Generating Trends to Reduce Weight among Overweight Mothers: A Community Based Health Promotion Intervention in Anuradhapura District
Jayasinghe V P K K, Kumara S P, Niwarthana G, Fazna A N F, Guruge G G N

Prevalence of Dental Caries and Known Risk Factors among Children Aged 6 to 7 Years Who Are Attending a Semi Urban Primary School in Piliyandala Educational Zone
Edirisuriya M D, Goonawardane C S

A Comprehensive Pharmacological Analysis of Bilwadi Panchamula (Vruhath Panchamula) in the Prevention of Obesity
Edirisinghe B L, Kulathunga W M S S K

Comparing Quality of Staining, Cost and Turnaround Time of Conventional Leishman and May Grunwald Giemsa Method with a Newly Modified Giemsa Method in Bone Marrow Staining of Acute Leukaemia
B B I N, Jayamanne B D P H, Gunawardena D, Suresh S

Relationship between Breakfast Behaviour and Body Mass Index (BMI)
Dharmarathna A B, Perera K C

  3. Education and Human Resource Development

Multicultural Education: Finding Educational Explanations for the Present Crisis in Sri Lanka.
Chandralal D

Professional Goal Oriented Perceptions: Implications for ESL Teachers’ Career Advancement
Abeywickrama R

A Sociological Analysis on the Perception of Undergraduates towards Gap Year between Advanced Level Examination and University Entrance: A Study with Reference to Arts Faculty Undergraduates in University of Peradeniya
Wickramage P D

Factors Affecting the Choice of Higher Education in Logistics and Transport in Sri Lanka,
Edirisinghe L

Improving Writing Skills in ESL through Feedback, Revising and Multiple Draft Writing: An Action Research
Fernando I H S

Health Conditions and Behavioural Characteristics of Dyslexic Students: A Study Based on Multiple Case Study Method
Randeniya E

Students’ Perception towards the Use of Social Networking as an E Learning Platform in Technical Tertiary Education in Sri Lanka
De Silva J R H, Kuruppu G N

Use of Multimedia in the Teaching - Learning Process of Foreign Language in Sri Lanka
Kandambi S U

The Effects of External Factors on Self-directed Learning Readiness of the First Year Bachelor of Business Science Undergraduates: A Study of Faculty of Business, University of Moratuwa,
Rajakarunanayake W M S N F

A Study on Absenteeism among First Year Undergraduates: With Special Reference to First Year Arts Faculty Undergraduates in University of Peradeniya
Sabrina B F

A Sociological Analysis of the Contribution of Education towards the Social Inclusion of Children with Disabilities
Ranasinghe P K G I L

Challenges in Accomplishing Educational Desires of Students with Special Needs
De Thabrew K C K

A study on habits of student’s learning affects the learning performance,
Prabhash K G K, Dayananda W T H

  4. Management and Entrepreneurship

Investigation of the Association between Gender and Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Self-esteem of Government School Teachers in North-Western Province, Sri Lanka
Amarathunga P A B H

The Impact of Project Management Practices on the Project Success: A Study Of Micro Scale Projects in Sri Lanka
Wathuge A M, Senanayake T M

Capital Structure and Firm Value of Sri Lankan Listed Companies
Kalainathan K

Analysis of the Relationship between Effective Communication and Employee Retention of Operational Level Employees in Apparel Industry, Sri Lanka
Wijethunga W A S C, Amarathunga P A B H

Development of Conceptual Framework to Explore the Organizational Conflicts in the National Universities in Sri Lanka and its effect on Roles of Administrators
Henegama H P

Problems faced by 3PL Customers with 3PL Providers in Colombo, Sri Lanka: An Exploratory Factor Analysis
Premarathne J M W

Consumer Behaviour in Small Urban Service Centres in Mountainous Region of Sri Lanka: A Case Study in Delthota Service Centre in Kandy District of Sri Lanka
Dissanayaka M L S, Ratnayake R M K

The Effect of Demographic and Situational Factors on the Perception of Students on Earnings Management Practices: Evidence from a Non-University Higher Education Institution in Sri Lanka
Edirisinghe S S, Samarakkody S S, Ajward A R

The Impact of Financial Rewards on Work Motivation of Operational Level Employees in Manufacturing Sector
Shibly M A M, Weerasinghe T D

  5. Knowledge Economy and Technology

Perception of Luxury Rail Passengers on Implementing ITS Application in Railway: A Case Study on Colombo - Kandy Railway
Uthpala A H A, Wanniarachchi S S

Making Energy Transitions Just and Sustainable in Transitional Societies
Theiventhran M

Information Technology (IT) Archetypes and Implementation Framework: IT as a Strategic Partner in Organizations
Lankasena B N S

Identifying School Based Activities for Reading Habit Improvement of School Children: With Special Reference to Homagama Divisional Secretariat
Samarakoon U G M C M

Opportunities and Challenges of Cloud Computing in Sri Lanka
Chandrasena S, Nanayakkara J, Senevirathne A, Silva J

Management and Sustainability of Public Debt in Sri Lanka
Serasinghe U P P

Impact of Knowledge Management Practices on Employees’ Performance in People’s Bank of Sri Lanka
Amarathilake K A S W, Senevirathne W A R

Childhood Poverty in South Asia: A case study of Rajasthan
Pachori S

Impact of Banking Technology on Deposit Mobilization in Sri Lanka
Gunasekara K D H

e-Governance without Information Technology Governance: Success or Failure?
Lankasena B N S

Use of Internet Sources to Enhance Teaching at a Faculty of Education
Kasturi Arachchi C

Economic Problems Faced by Rural Farmers in Vavuniya North Ds Division: A Comparison between War and Post War Context
Thanusan S, Kunaratnam L

  6. Language, Literatue and Media

Recreated Fiction: Translations of Three Award-winning Sinhala Short Stories into English
Nagahawatta G

The Role of Language Games in Promoting Communicative Competence in English Writing Skills among the First Year Students of Faculty of Science at the University of Jaffna
Patrick J J D

Impact of Using Hinglish on the Existence of Standard Hindi Language in India
Salwathura A N

Hybrid Identities to Overcome Language Anxiety: A Case Study
Pereira S S, Senaratne C D

Language Skills among Collegiate Youth and Employability Scope in India
Dewani R

Learner Beliefs and Expectations: A Case Study of English Language Usage in a Sri Lankan University
Wathuge P C

Teaching English Grammar for Content Integrated Language Courses
Dissanayake K M

Lack of Proficiency in English Language among Tamil Medium Advanced Level Students of Arts Stream
Rustha M R F

Word Order Freezing: A Case in Point in German and Sinhala
Pathirana B A P M L, Dissanayaka D M H C

A Comparative Study on Japanese Language and Sinhala Language: With Special Reference on How Cultural Differences Affect the Communication of Sinhala Learned JICA Volunteers Working in Sri Lanka
Mohotti J E

  7. Population and Gender

Self-reported Health Problems of Institutionalized Elderly in Sri Lanka
Perera E L S J

Winning Elite Medals: Challenges in Sri Lanka for Athletics
Fernando S

Effectiveness of Social Security Pension Schemes in Caring Self-employed after Retirement in Sri Lanka
Goonatilaka W S M

Remittance Transferring Practices among Labour Migrants of Sri Lanka
Siriwardhane D

Impact of Religious Orientation on Alcohol Purchase Intention: with Reference to Sri Lankan Male Alcohol Consumers
Chathuranga B T K, Rathnayake D T

Impact of Human Trafficking on Economic Expectations of Migrant Labour: A Case of Sri Lanka
Senadhi V P N

Gender Based Violence in Higher Educational Institutions: Perspectives from University of Peradeniya (UoP) - Sri Lanka
Liyanage K, Liyanage J B

Geographical Analysis of Woman Safety and Gender Issues: An Alarm towards Social Wellbeing in Ajmer City, Rajasthan, India
Kannan M

Limitations to Introduce Mixed-use Developments in High-Rise Buildings in Sri Lanka
Wickremasinghe H T, Wickramaarachchi N C

Gender Sensitive Waste Management in Sri Lanka: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices
Wanniarachchi I, Wickramasinghe V K

Influence of Electronic Media on Sleeping: A Case-study of Undergraduates of University of Ruhuna
Jayasekara A J, Jeewanthi W M I

Patterns of Employment Participation among Elderly Population in Sri Lanka
Malsha R L R

Level of Empathy among Third Year Nursing Students in Schools of Nursing in Sri Lanka
Amarasinghe A A N G

Economic Hardships Related to Livelihood of Female-headed Households in Rural Areas in Sri Lanka
Panampitiya W M G N

Effectiveness of a Health Promotion Intervention on Income: A Case Study among Tobacco Smoking Soldiers in Sri Lanka
Jayasinghe V P K K, Guruge G G N

  8. Law, Good Governance and Sustainable Development

From Home to Politics: Study of Female Representatives in Local Governments in Sri Lanka
De Mel M P M

Aptness of Consumer Protection Laws of Sri Lanka in the Modern Economy: A Comparative Analysis of Sri Lankan and Australian Laws
Liyanawatte U S1, Wimalasiri J D, Liyanawatte C V2

Upholding Independence of the Judiciary Sovereignty of Sri Lanka: A Comparative Study with Special Reference to Post Independent Constitutions
Samarakoon D M T G R1, Bandara W M S C2

Increase of Recidivism in Sri Lanka: A Critical Analysis
Ekanayake E M S

Cultural Heritage Tourism as a Medium for Socio-Economic Upliftment of Communities: A Case Study of West Bengal (India)
Ahamed M1, Karim R2

Human Impact on Degradation of Coral Resources in the Southern Coastal Area in Sri Lanka
Dayalatha W K V

GIS Based Assessment of the Urban Green Space Per Capita in Galle City, Sri Lanka
Jayasinghe C1, Hemakumara G P T S2, Hewage P2

Land Use Changes in Peripheral Rurban Areas of Panadura Urban Council Region
Silva T M1, Amarasiri N K D D2, Sandamali D C3

Resident’s Perceptions towards Sustainable Tourism Development and Its Impact: Evidence form Aluthgama in Sri Lanka
Guruge M

Public Perception on Uma Oya Multipurpose Project: A Sociological Study
Madushanka M A D

Politicized Environment and Man-made Disasters in Sri Lanka: A Sociological Reading
Abeywardhana D M Y

  9. Art, Culture and Religion

Role of Social Media in Strengthening the Educational Choices in Non-state Higher Education Industry in Sri Lanka: A Review
Abeygunawardena V K A

Cultural Knowledge and Cultural Awareness of Student Nurses in Sri Lanka
Senarathne H S, Meegoda M K D L

Administrative Systems of the “Masjids” in Sri Lanka and their Contributions towards Social Development
Rizvi M T M

Role of the Saiva Paribalana Sabha in Religious Renaissance of Northern Sri Lanka in the 19th Century
Sanchika P, Arunthavarajah K

“Human Being,” as Referred in Psychology and Humanistic Psychology
Ven. Wimaladhamma K

Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy for University Students with Social Anxiety Disorder: The Development of a Culturally Valid Treatment
De Silva B G R, de Zoysa P, Williams S S

Attributes of Democratic and Resilient Leadership Style as Reflected in Bhagavad Gita
Sachithanantham P

Caregiving: Buddhist Thought Advocating Death Counseling
Somaratne I P T G

A Philosophical Analysis of Good Governance: A Study of Buddhist Sources
Jayapala N A P I D

Folk Arts Associated with Agro Life Style and Performing Arts in Sri Lanka
Panapitiya S

  10. Finance and Accounting

Factors Determining Business Development in Agritourism in Sri Lanka: With Special Reference to Kegalle District
Sanjeewani L R A N

Financial Literacy as an Antecedent of Financial Inclusion: An Empirical Study among Rural Poor in Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka
Kumari D A T, Aluthge C

Stock Return Predictability through Financial Ratios: a Panel Regression Analysis
Mitra G, Paul S

Recruitment, Selection and Performance of Primary School Teachers: A Case Study of ABC International School
Kurukulaarachchige V K

A Role of Microfinance in Women Empowerment: A Case Study on Microfinance in Galle District in Sri Lanka,
Dirukshi N, Indrajith Aponsu

Bankruptcy Concerns Pertaining to Asset-Back Securities in Sri Lanka: An Investigation into Asset-Securitization Practices in Sri Lanka
Senarath S

Testing the Static Trade-off Theory and the Pecking Order Theory of Capital Structure: Evidence from Sri Lankan Listed Manufacturing Firms
Kengatharan L, Jinarajan Y

Does the Pop up Advertisements which Appear on the Internet Motivate the Customers or Not: A Study Based on Undergraduates from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Nirmala K H, Bandara M M A, Madhuwanthi K T N

Internal Marketing Practices and Employees Work Attitudes: An Empirical Examination in the Banking Industry in Sri Lanka
Hilal M I M

The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Non - academic Staff Members: With Special Reference to University of Kelaniya
Dompelage P T, Kalansooriya J, Gunawardhana D S R E S, Peiris D L I H K

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