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Dr. SarathAmunugama

Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education
Mr. P.Ranepura

Chairman, University Grants Commission
Prof. Mohan De Silva

Director, National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social
Sciences Dr. R. M. K. Rantayake

Conference Chairman,
Prof. W. Indralal De Silva

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Technical Sessions


    Education, Research & Development

Comparison between the Acquisition of English Prepositions by the ESL Learners in Grade 4 and Grade 6 of Government Schools in Sri Lanka.
Jayasinghe, RamaniRatnamali

Predicting the Use of Electronic Information Resources: Relevance of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors.
Hindagolla, M. and Nakamura, H.

Need for Planning Secondary Education to Develop Vocational-Oriented Competencies to meet the Needs of the World of work.
Wanasinghe, W. M. S.

Does Indo-Sri Lanka Free Agreement (ISFTA) Reduce Poverty in Sri Lanka; A CGEAnalysis.
Ranathunga, SeethaandStrutt, Anna

Teacher Training College Lectures’ Awareness of Educational Benefits of WiKi.
Amarathunga, P. A. B. H. and Pathiratne, Shamitha

Participatory Decision-Making and Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: Experiences of Government School Teachers in Sri Lanka.
KasturiArachchi, Chandana

Significance of Online Assessment in Undergraduate Academic Performance.
Bandara, T. A. C. J. S. and Pathiratne, Shamitha

Transmission of World Food Prices and Volatilities to Domestic Prices in Sri Lanka.
Sivarajasingham, S. and Balamurali, N.

    Environment, Technology & Sustainability

Buddhism and Inter-Relationship between Man and Environment.
Jayawardena, R G. D.

Delineating Property Rights of Low Lands in Irrigated Settlements of Sri Lanka.
Wickramaarachchi, N. C. and Weerahewa, J.

Nature of Environmental Expectations and Pressures Imposed on Companies by Stakeholders.
Rajeshwaran, N.andRanjani, R. P. C.

Effects and Causes of Landslides at Suduhumpola in Kandy District.
Wijeratne, S.

Adoption of Micro Irrigation System Technology in Dry Zone of Sri Lanka: A Case Study in Vavuniya District.
Mufeeth, M. S. M. and Nanthakumaran, A.

A Study on the Differences in Cuisines of Rice in Sri Lankan Society.
Hewawasan, H. H. N. S.

Population Change and Its Impact on Deforestation in Sri Lanka: A Conceptual Framework.
De Silva, Ranjith and De Silva, W. Indralal

Investigation of Efficient Information Retrieval for Audio Music Data.
Chandrasena, Sampath

  Good Governance, Law & Order

Dilemma of Practices of Good Governance in Local Government Institutions in Sri Lanka.
Gamlath, K. B. G. S. K.

An Assessment on Interpretational Approach of Sri Lankan Judiciary to Promote Demosprudence: The way forward.
Udayanganie, U. A. T.

Re-Calibrating Global Environmental Governance through NGO Activism: A Legal Analysis.
Konasinghe, Kokila

Foreign Investments and Kalpitiya Integrated Tourism Resort Project: An Overview of a Few Possible Legal Challenges.
Pathirana, I. D. L.

Regulatory Challenges in Enforcing Intellectual Property Rules in Sri Lanka: the Fine Line between Bio-piracy and Bio-prospecting.
Kamardeen, Naazima

  Health & Wellbeing

Spatial Patterns of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) of Unknown Etiology in Anuradhapura District
Bandara,T.W.M.T.W.1, Pathirage,G.L.

Effect of “PalakalyanaGhrita” on Sperm Parameters of Male Sprague Dawley Rats
Perera, K. C., Lokuhetty, M. D. S., Wijeratne, S. and Mathew, C. D.

Impact of a Dietary Intervention on BMI and Selected Biomarkers among a Group of Overweight / Obese Women.
Manuha, M. I., Nageeb, B. M., Ratnayake, R. M. K. and Paranagama, P. A.

Influence of Physical Activity, Dietary Habits, and Familial Factors among Overweight and Obese Women .
Manuha, M. I., Iqbal, N. Z., Nageeb, B. M. and Paranagama P. A.

Effect of Storage Temperature on the Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Capacity of PhyllanthusEmblica Fruits.
Kumutharanjan, Thilageswary, Sivakanesan, Ramaiyah and Arasaratnam, Vasanthy

Evaluate the Basic Chemical Profile of “Chandraprabhavati” using Organoleptic Characteristics, Physiochemical Parameters, Phyto Chemical Analysis and TLC Fingerprinting.
Weerasekera, K. R., Wijayasiriwardhena, C., Dhammarathana, I., Tissera, M. H. A. and Ariyawansha, H. A. S.

Efficacy of a Novel polyherbal Formulation in the management of Induced Hyperglycaemic and Hyperlipidaemia in Rat Models.
Chandrasiri, W. A. L. and Pathiratne, A.

Impact of Etiological Factors of Pakshagathaamong Middle Age Patients – An Ayurvedic Perspective.
Kulatunga, R. D. H. and Priyangani, A. R. R.C.

Estimation of Total Phenolic Content on Stem Bark Extracts of Selected Sri Lankan Medicinal Plants.
Jayasiri, A. P. A., Paranagama, P., Senanayake,S. P. and Amarasinghe, A. P. G.

Transmission of Ayurvedic Medical Knowledge: Techniques Used by Ayurvedic Medical Practitioners in Two Selected Districts of Sri Lanka
Gamage, C. K.

Association of life Style and Dietary Factors with MedoRoga.
Jayasinghe, J. M. G. S. L.and Kulathunga, R. D. H.

Psychotic Disorders – An Ayurvedic Perspective.
Ariyaratne, S.R. and Kulathunga, R. D. H.

Attitudes of University Students towards Stigmatization of the Mentally ill Patients.
Chandrasekara, W. S. and Zhixia, Chen

Antifungal Activities of Selected Plant Extracts against Candida Albicans andCandida Parapsilosis.
Radhika, N. D. M., Gunathilake, D. P. P., Ragunathan, K., Gunasekara, T. D. C. P., Weerasekara, M. M., Fernando, S. S. N., Arawwawala, L. A. D. M. and Hewageegana, H. G. S. P.

Ontology Based Approach for Clinical Diagnosis.
Jayaratne, Lakshman

  Management and Business Reengineering

Understand the Nature of Project Management Capacity with the Resource Based Perspective: Exploratory Case Study in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Sri Lanka.
Nanthagopan, Y. and Williams, N.

Stock Price Reaction to Stock Splits Announcements and Information Efficiency in Sri Lankan Share Market
Dharmarathne, D. G.

The Impact of Capital Expenditure on Working Capital Management of Sri Lankan Listed Manufacturing Companies.
Thevaruban, Janaki Samuel,

Impact of Internal Control System on Financial Performance: The case of Sri Lanka Telecom Vavuniya District.
Thevaruban, Janaki Samuel,

Work Family Conflict: A Neglected Cultural Perspective
Kengatharan, N, Edwards, C, Zhang, C

Relationship between Brand Citizenship Behaviour and Brand Perception Amongst Senior Citizens towards Commercial Banking Sector of Sri Lanka
Dissanayake, D. M. R.

A Study of New Trends in Online Banking Usage among University Academics
PrasanshaKumari, J. A.

Strategic Stance of Corporate Social Responsibility: Case Studies of Sri Lankan Corporate Sector
NureshEranda, B. A, Abeysekera, Nalin

A Study on Available Management Training Opportunities for the Principals of Government Schools in Sri Lanka.
DeepthineeDediwala, D. D. I.

Accounting Practices: The Change I See
Gunatilake,Gayathri, Lord, Beverley, Dixon, Keith

The Impact of Strategic Planning for Non Government Organizations in Sri Lanka – An Evaluation using the Balanced Scorecard.
Weerasooriya, W. M. R. B.

Cloud Computing Adoption in SMEs
Senarathna, R. P. I. R., Priyadarshani, W. P. E.

Survey of the Behavioural Factors Influencing Investment Decisions and Performance: The Case of Individual Investors at the Colombo Stock Exchange.
Menike, L. M. C. S. and Dunusinghe, P. M.

Organizational Conflicts on Managerial Roles in State Universities of Sri Lanka: A Conceptual Frame work
Henegama, H.P.

  Demography, Knowledge Economy & Entrepreneurship

Effect of Information Accessed Through Social Capital on Transaction Cost: A Case of Small Enterprises in Sri Lanka.
Priyanath, H. M. S. and Premaratne, S. P.

Poverty Profile of Sri Lanka: Evidence from Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2009/10.
Suresh, Jeyapraba

Feminization of Poverty: A Review of Literature.
Suresh, Jeyapraba

Transformation from Extended to Nuclear Families and the Emergence of Female- headed Households (FHHs) in Sri Lanka: Unseen Realities Connected to Wellbeing.
Boyagoda, Kumudika

The Nexus between Fertility and Female Employment in Sri Lanka: Time Series Evidence.
Kurukulasooriya, Nisantha, Lelwala, ErandatheandJayasekara, Anne

The Impact of Human Population Dynamics and Spatial Variations of Human Activitieson Degradation of Coastal Resources in Matara District.
Dayalatha, W. K.V.

Investigating Stress at Work and Home among Married Workers in Sri Lanka.
Bandara, I. R. and De Silva, W. Indralal

Contributory Pension Schemes Offered by Social Security Board and Its' Impact onWell-Being of Elderly in Sri Lanka.
Goonatilaka, W. S. M. and De Silva, W. Indralal

Nutritional Status among Children in Sri Lanka.
De Silva, W. Indralal and Fernando, D. N. Prasadi

International Labour Migration, Remittances and Economic Security of the HouseholdsLeft Behind: A Case Study of Sri Lanka.
Siriwardhane, Dinesha and De Silva, W. Indralal

Causes and Implications of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Pregnancy: A Case Studyof the Residential Sectors of Colombo District, Sri Lanka.
Pitigala, K. N. and De Silva W. Indralal

Sri Lankan Society in Transition: Changing Patterns of Sexual Behaviour and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
De Silva, W Indralal and Perera, B. Nishanthi

Warning Signs for Early Diagnosis of Suspected Diabetes (T2DM) Patients.
Fonseka, H. R. D. and Kulathunga, W. M. S. S. K.

Economic Security issues among Urban Migrants in Sri Lanka.
Manel, D. P. Kanthi andPerera, Sunethra

  Art, Culture & Society

Shaping the Concept of Region with Ideas: New Ideational Paradigm for Regional Integration in South Asia.
Padmakumara, S. Chaminda

අංක තුන පිළිබඳ ජනවිඥානය
කහඳගමගේ, සන්ධ්‍යා.

Participatory Theatre and the Conflict Transformation in Sri Lanka.
Jeyaranjinee, G.

The Linguistics Study of the Present Day Veddah Speech.
Weerasekara, R. A.D. P.

Painted Female Body: Modernity, Tradition and Female Nudity in George Keyts’ Paintings.
Sanathanan, T.

Imagination and Non-verbal Theatre.
Kankanamge, Sunethra

The Buddhist Perspective on Environmental Architecture.
Dhammaloka, Rev. Jambugahapitiye

Translation of Culture: France Presented to the Sinhala Reader.
Gunasekera, Niroshini

Property Rights of Women in Medieval Sri Lanka.
Chandrika, A. M. M.

නාථ දේව සංකල්පය : ප්‍රභවය හා විකාශය පිළිබඳ සමාජ, ඓතිහාසික විවරණයක්

A Study on the Socio - Cultural Background of the Kōlam Theatre.
Vitharana, W. B. A.

Extents and Restraints of Industrial Implications; Vernacular Pottery Practices of Sri Lanka.
Dissanayake, M. K.

String Education in the Undergraduate Curriculum in Aesthetic Institutions.
Dissanayake, Jayanthi

Small Things and Alternative Histories: Indo-Pacific Beads in Historical Reconstruction of Pre-modern Sri Lanka.
Bohingamuwa, Wijerathne

  Language, Literature & Media

Passive Conformist or Subtle Critic? : A Re-Examination of the Patriarchal Discourse in Select Texts of PunyakanthiWijenaike.
Siriwardena, D.

Advancement of Technology and its Impacts on the Roles of English Language Teachers.
Ravindran, S.

False Friends in Technical Translations between Sinhala and Tamil.
Jayasinghe, Dhammika

Large Heterogeneous Classes: Is Self-Paced Learning an Option?
Irshad, F. M.

Problems Arising When Learning Hindi as a Second Language in Sri Lanka.
Salwathura, AnushaNilmini

Failures of Decolonization and ‘the Return to the Past’: Reading V.S. Naipaul.
Hapugoda, Mahesh

Accidental Martyrs: The Representation of Martyrdom in the Fiction of SaharKhalifeh.
Manuratne, Prabha

A Textual Analysis of YasmineGooneratne’s A Change of Skies.
Harischandra, Neshantha

Relationships among L1 Deficiency, L2 Acquisition, Language Anxiety and Learner Performance among Undergraduates at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
Pereira, S. S.

Improving English Language Proficiency of the Students Following Bilingual Education inVavuniya: A Culture –Based Approach.
Shriganeshan, Kandiah

The Institution of Family as Portrayed in the Prose Narratives Produced during Colonization.
Ranaweera, H. K. C. K.

Effective Communication Skills in English of Prospective Tourism Professionals: A Case Study of Sri Lanka.
Rajadurai, S.

Morphology-Syntax Interface in Sinhala
Ananda, M. G. Lalith

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