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Hon. State Minister of Higher Education, Mohan Lal Grero

Chairman, University Grants Commission

Director, National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
Prof. P. S. M. Gunaratne

Symposium Chairman
Prof. W. Indralal De Silva

Keynote Speaker
Prof. Tudor Silva

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Technical Sessions


    Health and Well-being

Standardization of the Poly Herbal Formulation “Palakalyana Ghrita”.
Perera, K.C., Lokuhetty, M.D.S., Wijerathna, S. and Mathew, C.D.

Young People’s Awareness on Induced Abortion and Abortion Law: A Community Based Study in Colombo City of Sri Lanka.
Suranga, M. S., Silva, K. T., Senanayake, L. and De Silva W. I.

Youth Exposed to Domestic Violence: Screening of School Children at a Rural Area in Galle District
Ponnamperuma, T., Lakmini, A.N.G.P. and Kudagama, V.C.D.

Behavioural Risk Factors of HIV among Young Female Sex Workers in Selected Districts in Sri Lanka.
De Silva, W.I., Dewasurendra, J.W., Bandara, S.M.A.S., Suranga, M.S.S., Rajakaruna, R.M.D.K. and Priyantha, H.A.S.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Counselling Services for Youth through information Communication Tools: A descriptive analysis of the clientele.
Tissera, S., Suranga M. S., Jayatillake A.C., Kodikara, T.D., Shilpeswarage S.P.U.K. and De Silva W. I.

Efficacy of the Siddha Medical Preparation “Mathumeha chooranam” in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus
Kumutharanjan, T., Ramiah, S. and Vasanthy, A.

Beneficial Effects of Horticulture on Hope and Wellbeing of Hospitalized Patients
Fernando, T.D. and Yakandawala, K.

Preparation of Nutritious Ready-to Serve Drink with No Added Preservatives from Selected Local Fruits
Sarananda, K. H., Thillakawardane, T. U. and Alexander, B.

Causative Factors of Hyperlipidaemia: An Ayurvedic Perspective
Jayasinghe, J.M.G.S.L., Kulatunga, R.D.H. and Ratnapala, D.U.H.

    Good Governance & Social Reconciliation

Influences of Large Scale Projects and Tourism on People in Post-War Areas: Special Reference to Panama, Eastern Province
Jayasekara A.J. and Abeygunawardhane C.P.

Fostering Social Harmony among the Undergraduates and its Challenges in the North Eastern Universities
Sachithanantham, P.

Youth Involvement in Politics: The Impact of Access to Legal Education in Sri Lanka
Kamardeen, N.

“Ethnic Revivalism and Identity Politics”: Legacy of Anagarika Dharmapala Identity Politics in the Post-war Sri Lankan Context
Kasun, G.M.L., Gunarathne, J.A.C.P. and Sutharsan, S.

A Harmonious Balance of Positivism and Natural Law to Build a High-Quality Ruler
Dilrukshi, K.G.T.

Necessity of Enhancing the Security of Fundamental Rights under the Constitution of Sri Lanka to Achieve Good Governance
Nadeem, M.N.F.R.M.

Fixed Term Parliament: An Analysis of the Constructive Vote of No-confidence and its Political Implications
Hettiarachchi, N.

The Role of Administration in Management of Organizational Conflicts: A Study of Sri Lankan National Universities
H.P. Henegama

  Environmental and Sustainable Development

Consciousness on Environment: Liability of Multinational Corporations Established in Developing Countries
Ratnasinghe, R. M. I. K.

Assessment of Contribution of Tourism Industry for Economic Performance in Sri Lanka
Hettiarachchi, H.A.B.W.

Relationship between the Dominant Social Paradigm and Environmental Concern in the Sri Lankan Economy
Meegama, M.A.S.T. and Lakmal, H.M.A.

Potentials and Problems of Ecotourism Development in Maduganga, Sri Lanka
Dilrukshi, D.G.T.

The Young Generation’s Attitude towards Contributory Pension Schemes in Sri Lanka
Goonatilaka, W.S.M. and De Silva, W. I.

Labour Migration from Sri Lanka to Middle East: Evolution and Emerging Challenges
Siriwardhane, D. and De Silva, W. I.

Potentials and Constraints for Forest Gardening in the Up Country: A Case Study at Welimada Area
Chandralatha, W.M.G.

Factors Determining Smoking among Youth: A Case Study of Colombo District
Subasingha, A. and De Silva, W.I.

Promoting Sustainable Development through Corporate Social Responsibility: Prospects and Limitations with Special Reference to Sri Lanka
Vithanage, P.S.P.G.

  Entrepreneurship & Management

Decentralization of Authority on Resource Management: Experiences of Government Schools in Sri Lanka
Kasturiarachchi, C.

Food Expenditure and Own Price Elasticities of Rice Demand in Sri Lanka and its Implications: A Household Survey Data Analysis
Prasanna, R.P.I.R.

Evaluation Factors of Project Success in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Nanthagopan, Y. and Williams, N.

Effects of Relational Norms on Business Uncertainty and Performance: A Case of Small Enterprises in Sri Lanka
Priyanath, H.M.S. and Premaratne, S.P.

Female Entrepreneurship and Floriculture Industry in Sri Lanka
Padmini,S.M.P.C., Kodagoda, T., Samaratunge, R., Krishnarajah, S.A. and Liyanagamage, N.S.

Assessing Agribusiness Students’ Attitudes towards Entrepreneurship.
Sandika, A.L., Senevirathna, I.W., Sandarenu, P.C. and Abeysekara, W.C.S.M.

Necessity of Small Scale Entrepreneurship Development in Rural Development with Special Reference to Garagoda-Pahala Village
Wijesingha, W.A.U.M.

Mutual Intrusion of Work and Family Roles and Job Contentment in Workplace
Kengatharan, N.

Impact of Uncertainty on the Application of Capital Budgeting Practices: Perspectives of an Emerging Economy
Kengatharan, L.

Study of Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk of Banks and its Impact on Profitability: Case Study on Bank of Ceylon
Thevaruban, J.S.

Corporate Governance Practices and Firm Performance: A Study on Banking Sector in Sri Lanka
Suganya, S.N.J

Stock Dividend Announcements and Semi-strong Form Efficient Market Hypothesis: Evidence from Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)
Dharmarathna, D.G. and Amarasekara, C.

Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Women Can Break the Mould
Kengatharan, N.

  Education, Technology and Knowledge Economy

Employability of Software Engineering Graduates: A Study on Non Technical Human Skills Requirements
Senadeera, S.A.D.S.S. and Wijayarathna, G.

Why Do Undergraduates Pursue English Studies: Special Focus on Undergraduates at Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka
Jayasundara, J.M.P.V.K.

Achievements of ICT in G.C.E (O/L) in Relation to Scientific Attitudes of Students in Kurunegala District
Pathiratne, S., Amarathunga, P.A.B.H. and Weerasinghe, D.

Do Emotions Matter: A study on Social and Emotional Competencies of Teachers
Pereira, S. S.

Difficulties Encountered in Learning Chinese Language by Sri Lankans
Kandambi, S. U.

An Investigational Study on Emotional Balance Enhanced Through Dance Education
Vitharana, W.B.A.

Youth Skills Development: Challenges and Opportunities
Polwatte, A. and De Silva, W. I.

Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviours Concerning Sustainable Development among Grade 9 Students in the Northern Province Sri Lanka
Nithlavarnan, A., Gunawardene, G.I.C. and Sinnathamby, K.

  Population and Gender Studies

Participation of Youth in Sri Lankan Labour Force: Do We Meet the Needs of Youth in Development?
Fernando, D.N. P. and De Silva, W. I.

Youth Population in Sri Lanka: How Accurately was their Size Projected?
De Silva, R. and De Silva, W. I.

Utilizing Digital Media for Diplomacy and Peace Building in Post Conflict Era in Sri Lanka
Rathnayaka, M.R. and De Silva, W.I.

A Qualitative Approach to Understand Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Pregnancy: A Case Study of the Kalutara District Sri Lanka.
Pitigala, K. and De Silva, W.I.

Needs and Expectations of Unmarried Female Youth on Reproductive Health Services: A Case Study in Selected Urban Settlement Communities in Colombo
Perera, E.L.S.J. and Anandi, A.A.

Impact of Entrepreneurship Education on Entrepreneurial Intentions among Sri Lankan Undergraduates
Premaratne, S.P. and Jayasundara, C.

Youth and Household Headship: Issues and Challenges Faced by Young Female Headed Households in Sri Lanka
Boyagoda, K.

Ethnic Fertility Behaviour among Youth: A Case Study of Maradana Grama Niladari Division Colombo District
Wijerathna, D.M.S.G. and De Silva, W. I.

  Youth: Issues and Challenges

Challenges Faced by Mothers in Disseminating Sexual and Reproduction Health Knowledge: A Case Study of Adolescent Children in Gampaha District, Sri Lanka
De Silva, W.I. and Samarakoon, I.S.

Female Participation in Local vs. Migrant Labour Stocks: A Comparative Analysis of Cross Country Asian Data for 1990-2015
Prasada, D.V.P.

Investigating the Impact of Personality Traits on Decision Making Styles of Principals of Government Schools in the North-Western Province, Sri Lanka
Amarathunga, P.A.B.H., Pathiratne, Shamitha

Impact of Socio Demographic Factors on Individuals’ Risk Attitude: A Study of Jaffna Municipal Council Area
Mathanika,T., Tharshiga, P. and Yogendrarajah, R.

Child Sex Work in Sri Lanka: Causes, Consequences and Remedies
Punchihewa, A.G. and De Silva, W. I.

Computer Literacy among Youth in Sri Lanka
De Silva, W. I., Samaranayake, D. and Guneratna, L.

An Investigation of the Effects of Stress at Work and at Home among Married Service Sector Workers in Sri Lanka
Bandara, I.R. and De Silva, W. I.

Upturn in Teen Fertility: A Rationale for the Emergence of a New Trend in Sri Lanka during the New Millennium
De Silva, W. I., Perera, B. N and Senadhi, V.P.N.

Self-reported Health Issues among Sri Lankan Youth: How Healthy are they?
Wijebandara, W.A.C. and De Silva, W. I.

IT Revolution and Juvenile Suicidal Deaths: Evidence from Sri Lanka
De Silva, W. I., Jayakody, P. and Sumanadasa, M.

  Society, Media and Culture

A Textual Analysis of Stephanie Rambukwelle’s Mythil’s Secret
Harischandra, N.

Theatre Workshops as a Tool for Behavioural Changes of the Youth
Gnanadas, J.

Stepping from Conventional to Digital Media: Existing Patterns of News Consumption
Wijesundara, T., Ranawaka, N. and Handunmali, P.

Ancient Sri Lankan and African Agricultural Ceremonies: A Comparative study
Yasintha, M.A.A.

Buddhist Social Values Manifested in “Hansa Sandeshaya”
Pavithrani, C.

Innovation as a Process for Success: the Case of a Creative Potter
Dissanayake, M.K.

A Highly Robust Audio Monitoring System for Radio Broadcasting in Sri Lanka
Jayaratne, K.L.

Usage of Mass Media by Farmers in Sri Lanka
Lalani, J.M.G.

Ethnic Issue in Sri Lankan Cinema: A Study of Saroja, Purahanda Kaluwara, Me Mage Sandai
Basnayaka, B.A.N.H. and Madusanka, A.

Critical Hermeneutics and New Horizons in Postcolonial Literature: Interpreting the Zizekian ‘Extimacy’ in Naipaul
Hapugoda, M.

Problems Faced by the Women in the Ancient Indian Society as Revealed in the Therīgāthā
Pathirana, R. M.

Study of Work Stress among Working Women in Three Districts of Western Province, Sri Lanka
Weerasinghe, D., Amarathunga, P.A.B.H. and Pathiratne, S.

An Analytical Study on the Etymological Roots of the Words in French Language
Kulathunga Arachchi, M. S.

Effect of the Influence of Eliot’s Poem “Waste Land” towards Siri Gunasinghe’s Poetic Composition Titled “Mas Le Nethi Eta”
Pavithrani, C.

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