Volume – 9 / Number 1 /2019

ISSN : 2012 - 9149 / ISSN : 2386 - 1266 (online)

Published on May 29, 2020


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The Impact of Financial Rewards on Work Motivation of Operational Level Employees
M. A. M. Shibly / T. D. Weerasinghe

Trends of Wetland Reclamation in the Colombo Metropolitan Region in Sri Lanka and Strategies to Minimize the Adverse Impact
A.G. Amarasinghe

Diversity of Amphibians in the eastern and Southern parts of the Sinharaja forest
H.I.G.C. Kumara / V.A.M.P.K. Samarawikrama

Sri Lanka-China Tourism Relations An Analysis of Recent Trends in Chinese Tourist Arrivals to Sri Lanka
N.P.R. Deyshappriya / A.A.K.A. Damanupola / M. M. T. D. M. Kumari

The burial of the dead’- A critical analysis of the use of poetic license
R. A. P. K. Ranatunge / C Dilkushi Senaratne / E. A. G. Fonseka

Waste Management in Sri Lanka Challenges & Opportunities
Lal Mervin Dharmasiri

Volume 7 & 8 / Number 1 & 2 / 2017 - 2018

ISSN : 2012 - 9149 / ISSN : 2386 - 1266 (online)

Published on 15th November, 2019

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GIS-Based Assessment of the Green Space Per Capita in the City of Galle, Sri Lanka
D.B.C. Jayasinghe / G.PTS. Hemakumara / P Hewage

The Socio-economic Impact of Contributory Pension Schemes on the Well-being of the Elderly in Sri Lanka
W Indralal De Silva / WS.M. Goonatilaka

Hybrid Identities to Overcome Language Anxiety: An Exploratory Study
S. Sebastian Pereira / C. Dilkushi Senaratne

Locational Suitability for Residential Development in the Kandy District: GIS-Based Multi-Criteria Evaluation
G. Lakmali Pathirage / T.W.M.T.W. Bandara

Nativizing Strategies in Mixed Contexts
C. Dilkushi Senaratne

Volume 5 & 6 / Number 1 & 2 / 2015 - 2016

ISSN : 2012 - 9149 / ISSN : 2386 - 1266 (online)



Are Workers’ Remittance Flows a Source of Economic Development in Sri Lanka?
Harsha Eranda Paranavithana

Gender Disparities in Labour Force Participation in Sri Lanka
I.R. Bandara / A.J. Satharasinghe

Bridging the Gap: People Centered Policy Guidelines to Minimize Relocation Failures: Case of Sri Lanka
Nishara Fernando

Factors Associated with Attitudes on Induced Abortion – A Community Based Study among Adults in Colombo City of Sri Lanka
M. Suchira Suranga / Kalinga Tudor Silva / Lakshman Senanayake

Impact of Social Welfare Strategies on the Traditional Family Systems: Evidence from Selected Countries in the Asian Region
W. Indralal De Silva / D.M.S.G Wjerathna / V.P.N Senadhi / I.S Samarakoon

Volume 4 / Number 1 & 2 /January - December / 2014

ISSN : 2012 - 9149 / ISSN : 2386 - 1266 (online)


Discovering the Missing Links: Analysis of the Case Data on Attempted Suicide in Balagama and Jandura in the Districts of Monaragala and Hambantota
Upali Vidanapathirana / Anton Piyaratne / Harini Amarcsuiya / Pumima Perera

Dynamics of International Labour Migration of Sri Lanka
W. lndralal De Silva / Dinesha Siriwardhane

Socio-economic Correlates of Exclusions from Compulsory Schooling in Sri Lanka
Geetha Mayadunne

The impact of Educational Assessment on National Educational Goals: From Industrialism to Globalization
Lakshman Wedikkarage

Role of Agriculture in improving the Food and Nutrition Security in Sri Lanka
S. M. P. Senanayake / S. P. Premarathne

Decolonization, Development and Disease: A social History of Malaria in Sri Lanka
Jayantha Perera

Volume 3 / Number 2 / July - December / 2013

ISSN : 2012 - 9149


Changing causes and consequences of labour force participation trends among the elderly in Sri Lanka
W. Indralal De Silva , D. N. Prasadi Fernando

Some aspects of youth unemployment and poverty in the Southern province of Sri Lanka
S. M. P. Senanayake

Strong together: social networks of rural women in dry zone agriculture with special reference to the Anuradhapura district
K. R. N. S. Rajamanthrie , M. R. Pinnawala

Exchange rate, exchange rate volatility and foreign direct investment in Sri Lanka
S. G. S. D. Jayasekara

Overcoming discrimination: social responsibility towards people with mental illness
Dilrukshi Abeysinghe

Volume 3 / Number 1 / January- July / 2013

ISSN : 2012 - 9149


Economic Growth, Income Distribution and Social Equity in Sri Lanka
R. M. K. Ratnayake

Sir Lankan Youth and their Exposure to Computer Literacy
W. Indralal De Silva / Pamoda Kodikara / Ruwani Somarathne

A Model to Develop Small and Medium Enterprise Sector in Sri Lanka: Subcontracting Linkages in the Sri Lankan Garment Industry
S. P. Premaratna / S. Weerawansa / P. W. C. Wijegunawardana

Problems Faced by Undergraduates in the Learning Environment: Some Evidences from a Sri Lanka University
M. A. N. Rasanjalee Perera

Effect of Rasayana Therapy on Ageing: An Ayurvedic Perspective
R D.H Kulatunga

Volume 2 / Number 2 / July - December / 2012

ISSN : 2012 - 9149


A Constructivist Approach towards Quality Development in Universities: An issue of Quality in Sri Lankan Universities
Chandra Gunawardena

Feasibility of Introducing General English as a University Entry Requirement for Medicine: Results of a National Survey
N. R. De Silva \ G.D.C. Priyabhashini - P. K. Godage \ P. Premakumara - A. Pathmeswaran

Force and Field Factors of Growth and Development: Evidence from International Experience
H. N. Thenuwara

Assessment of the Goodness of Measure of Union Commitment: A Factorial Validation in Sri Lankan Context
K. A. S. Dhammika \ Fais Bin Ahamed - Thi Lip Sam

Socio - Economic Characteristics of Factorial Influencing adaptation to Climate Change: Empirical Results from Selected Home gardens in South Asia with Emphasis on Commercial Orientation
C. Daulagala \ J. Weerahewa – B. Maramhe \ G. Pushpakumara - P. Silva \ R. Punyawardena - S. Premalal \ G. Miah - J. Roy - S. Jana

Disaster Management Measures of Microfinance Institutions in Sri Lanka
P. J. S. Fernando

Volume 2 / Number 1 / January - July / 2012

ISSN : 2012 - 9149


The Age Structure Transition and the Demographic Dividend: An Opportunity for Rapid Economic Take-off in Sri Lanka
W. lndralal De Silva

Economic Benefits and Options for Financing Higher Education in Sri Lanka
Harsha Aturuoane

Competition and Financial Sector Development in Sri Lanka
W. M. Hemachandra

A Study on the Children's Coping Strategies in the Aftermath of Tsunami: 2004
G. R. K. Dissanayake

Volume 1 / Number 2 / July - December / 2011

ISSN : 2012 - 9149


The Potential of Using Mobile Money Systems for Enhancing Financial Inclusion in Sri Lanka
Sirimevan S. Colombage

Measuring Agricultural Productivity Using the Average Productivity Index (APl)
Lal Mervin Dharmasiri

A Discourse Analysis of Ethnic Conflict and Peace in the Editorials of English Newspapers - A Case Study of Sri Lanka
Jeyaseelan Gnanaseelan

The Concretization of Sinhalese into the Ethnic identity by Buddhist Pilgrimages: A Historical Investigation
R. G. D. Jayawardena

Factors Contributing to the Success of Women Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka
Seuwandhi B.Ranasinghe

Ensuring Harmony and Protection in Preschool Education
Buddhiprabha D. D. Pathirana

Volume 1 / Number 1 / January - July / 2011

ISSN : 2012 - 9149


Corporate Governance Reforms in Srl Lanka
Samanthi Senantne

Colonialism and Problems of Language Policy: Formulation of a Colonial Language Policy in Sri Lanka
Sandagomi Coperahewa

Housing Market in Metropolitan Colombo: New Trends
N. Chandrasiri Niriella

Public Expenditure Reforme and Rural Poverty in Sri Lanka
B. M. Sumanaratne

The Effects of Public Welfare Policies on Rural Poverty in Sri Lanka: A Logistic Regression Analysis
W. M. Semasinghe