Dr. B.D.D. Pathirana
Department of Philosophy & Psychology
University of Peradeniya 

Dr. Buddhipraba Pathirana was the first to complete her Ph D in late 2006 under NCAS grants scheme. She completed her Doctoral research at the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo, in an area extremely important for the future of the country investigating “Early Violence / Aggression and Pro-Social Behaviour in Preschool Children”.  Her Supervisors were Professor Swarna Wijetunga and Dr. Gayathri Fernando. The study reveals some stunning evidence of breeding grounds of aggressive behaviour among preschool children primarily rooted in institutional settings of preschools and their teaching methods. What the study reveals is the requirement of change and reform in preschool education.  Dr. Pathirana has gathered her empirical evidence through survey questionnaire and semi structured interviews. The outcome of the study is presented through a “Preschool Teacher Training Manual” comprising 14 modules to prevent aggressive behaviour and promote pro-social attitudes among preschool children.  

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