Expanding Research Horizons: Opportunities for International Scholars

Doctoral/ Postdoctoral/Senior Research Fellowships for International Scholars

“National Centre for Advanced Studies in Humanities (NCAS), a seat for Higher Education and Research, is happy to invite the scholars from overseas to come and join to continue their studies/ research/ doctoral/ post-doctoral studies by affiliating to the NCAS. The NCAS established its policy Decision at its 21st meeting of the Council of Regents held on the 19th January 2024 under the auspices of the Hon. Minister of Education, the Chairman of the Council of Regents of the NCAS with the concurrence of its members by reviewing its vested powers under the NCAS Ordinance No. 02 of 2005 (as amended in 2008) enacted by Section 24 (A) of the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978.

The interested scholars are invited to submit their research proposals/ work plan emphasizing the field of study and the duration of their visit, also emphasizing the benefit that can make to sustain/place Sri Lanka in the global community through the new research findings.

Optionally, the scholars may visit NCAS and serve as volunteers to introduce the Master classes, Courses and become International Course Coordinators during the period they visit Sri Lanka through NCAS. For those who wish to do so may send their proposals/ courses well in advance to the NCAS in order to obtain the concurrence from the statutory bodies prior to offering such courses/ programmes.

Facilities provided by the NCAS
The NCAS will not disclose any financial remunerations/ honorarium to the visiting research fellows/ scholars, and will stay solely of their own expenses. However, the NCAS will provide the following facilities to the interested fellows;
1. Study room with computer and other storage facilities with free Wi-Fi connectivity.
2. The use of NCAS library and facilitate to access the other libraries, with the concurrence of the relevant authorities.
3. Upon the request/ expression of interest made by the scholar/ research fellow, the NCAS will issue an official letter of invitation to obtain necessary visas and other official communications.
4. Accommodation can be coordinated upon the request of the delegate overseas.

Please send your expression of interest with your CV and the area of interest to: directoroffice@ncas.ac.lk

Download Invitation Letter