NSF-DAAD Project based Personnel Exchange Programme (PPP), 2022 Call – Awareness Session (online)

The above awareness session is organized by the National Science Foundation (NSF) jointly with DAAD Office, German Embassy of Sri Lanka, which is to be held on 9th September, 2022 from 10.00 – 11.00 a.m. (SLST). The session will enable applicants to submit a competitive proposal by the given deadline (15th September, 2022). Prospective participants are expected to register for the event via https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1M9Kblb43ILjHGANR1Lz1JaWxiepdZg1M9k_Ki9C-SAU/edit.


For further details, contact:

Ms Dilrukshi Ekanayaka

Senior Scientific Officer / International Affairs Division

E mail – dck@nsf.gov.lk

Telephone – 011-2629771 – Ext 158































































































































































































































More information on DAAD funding: www.daad-sri-lanka.org/scholarship

International programs in Germany: www.daad.de/idp

More information on DAAD events: www.daad-sri-lanka.org/event

The event is organized by DAAD German Academic Exchange Service) Information point in Colombo together with the Regional office in New Delhi.