Dr. D.M. Suratissa
Natural Zoology Museum
University of Colombo

Dr. D.M. Suratissa completed his Ph D in Paleobiology and Anthropology under the NCAS grant scheme in August 2007 at Jilin University, China. Going back to the history in time his investigation was mainly Anthropological analysing the “transition from hunting to farming in North-East China”. Under the supervision of Professor Tang Zhuo-Wei he conducted case studies in three archealogical sites (Shangjifangyingzi, Dashanqian, and Wangbabozi). His study was mainly comparative identifying the factors in transission from hunting to farming during Neolithic time to Iron Age.  His study was exceptional as he conducted his field investigations far-away from Sri Lanka and managed to bring his knowledge and experience to his home country  in a valuable manner. In the process of studies, as he claims, he has transformed himself from a museum curator to a potential full born Paleobiologist with qualification.

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