Dr. I.G.P.R. Kulanatha
Institute of Indeginous Medicine
University of Colombo
Dr. I.G.P.R. Kulanatha obtained her Doctor of Medicine in Ayurveda Samhitha at Baranas Hindu University, India, under NCAS grant scheme. Her study reveals the importance of Ethics described in Ayurveda in proper maintenance of Health with special reference to Varihattray? in all three Samhithas. Her main argument was that Ayurveda is primarily a science of positive health and it is secondarily, a science for the cure of diseases. A major value of her thesis is the presentation of the aged old conceptions of Health in Ayurveda to be valuable for present day living of human beings. Both physical and ethical practices relevant to various stages of life from birth to death are described, related and analyzed in various chapters of her thesis. She successfully completed her MD under the supervision of Professor P.K. Goswani, Reader and Head of the Department of Ayurveda Samhitha at the Baranas Hindu University.