Dr. J.A.S.K. Jayakody
Department of Management & Organization Studies
Faculty of Management & Finance
University of Colombo

Dr. J.A.S.K. Jayakody completed his PhD on NCAS grant at Postgraduate institute of Management, University of Sri Jayewardenepura under the supervision of Dr. Travis Perera, Postgraduate Institute of management, Sri Lanka and Prof. Venkat R. Krishnan, Great Lakes Institute of Management, India. His research study seeks to answer the question why change initiatives in Sri Lankan business organizations decline with the departure of the change agents who initiated and provided leadership for them, the issue known as the issue of routinization of charisma in the leadership literature. His thesis was that as long as the charisma of the leader induces the follower’s self discrepancies and thereby creates follower personal identification, the follower makes self-sacrifice, extra-effort and tends to be dependent on the leader; thus, the leader’s endeavour continues to be dynamic. Consequently, when charisma dilutes as a result of the leader’s departure or otherwise and the self-discrepancies created thereby diminish and, in turn, follower personal identification weakens, the follower withdraws his/her self-sacrifice, extra-effort and dependency, and thus the dynamism of the leader’s endeavour weakens. This thesis was, in general, supported empirically.

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