Dr. (Ms.) HRNPK Handegama
Department of Philosophy and Psychology
University of Peradeniya

Dr. (Ms.) HRNPK Handegama completed her PhD in the field of Philosophy under a NCAS grant in 2009 in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the University of Kelaniya. Her thesis written in Sinhala, supervised by Professor Kulasena Vidanegamage, was titled “Causal Paradigms: Philosophical Analysis.”

Dr. Handegama endeavored to study the concept of causality tracing the history in the Western philosophy critically from Aristotle’s time and compared the main philosophical arguments and principles with the Buddhist philosophy. In elaborating the Buddhist philosophy on causality, or Paticca-samuppada, she has traced the pre-Buddhist concepts on the same matter in highlighting what she called the consistent, logical and sophisticated philosophical approach in Buddhism on the subject, even in comparison to the Western philosophy.

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