Mr. A. Robinson
Department of Sociology
University of Colombo 

Mr. Anthonymuththu Robinson completed his M Phil in Sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), India, in 2008 under NCAS grant scheme producing his thesis on “Identity Formation among Tamil Youth in Northern Sri Lanka”. He is proceeding now for his Ph D at the same university under the same supervision of Professor Renuka Singh, Professor of Sociology at JNU.  Taking youth as a sociological category he is portraying youth as a product of modern societies yet giving emphasis on biological and cultural factors in the determination of a persons’s social status as young and adult. In referring to the social ethos of Sri Lankan society he argues that the marrige represents the end of the post-pubertal stage and the begining of adult age. At present he is engaged in his field research in Sri Lanka and elsewhere where he studies the ‘Identity Formation of Second Generation of Tamil Diaspora’  for his doctoral studies.

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